Sports Therapy

Injury prevention and enhancing performance are fundamental parts of treatment before a sports injury sidelines an athlete. Our team of physiotherapists is able to identify weaknesses and movement faults that if left unchecked, can lead to reductions in performance and injuries. Staff have taken courses on Functional Movement Screening and Selected Functional Movement Assessment to assist in assessing movement, strength and performance.

Our therapy group have provided knee injury prevention programs for athletes from a wide range of sports, incorporating a neuromuscular training program that has been demonstrated to reduce serious knee injuries by up to 80%.

We have also been involved with concussion awareness programs, and have provided concussion protocols for groups such as local soccer, Jr hockey and BC Winter Games. Therapists in the group are involved with ongoing continuing education on concussion management and keep abreast with current research in the area of concussion.

We continue to provide experienced consulting to the Penticton Vees Jr Hockey team, and side-line coverage for events such as rugby and soccer in the community. Some of our staff maintain certification in Sports Physiotherapy, and travel with National teams, such as rugby, snowboard and alpine skiing.

The Sports Clinic was the site of the Athlete’s Clinic for the 2016 BC Winter Games in Penticton, with staff taking lead roles on the organizing committee for Medical Services in positions of Medical Director, Physiotherapy Chair and Chair of Medical Volunteers, as well as attending to athletes on the sidelines at events.