Orthopedics and Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is the ‘art of the science’ of physiotherapy. It defines the hands-on techniques that therapists use to assist in the recovery of movement through joint mobility and muscle re-education.

Our therapists have spent many post-graduate hours studying the practice of manual therapy techniques, including mobilization and manipulation of limbs and spinal segments. Physiotherapy courses lead to advanced training and certification levels. We as a group provide expert treatment by combining orthopaedic manual therapy with exercise, pain management and education.

Rehabilitation from injury, illness or surgery may also require additional physical modalities such as dry needling and acupuncture, ultrasound, laser, electrical current for neuromuscular activity, heat and ice. These additional modalities may be used as adjuncts to manual therapy treatment.

Therapeutic exercises are frequently prescribed for further strength and mobility. Together with the client, a treatment plan is developed to assist in reaching a goal of maximum recovery