Allen Hooper BSc, MD, FCFP

Dr. Allen Hooper left B.C. to study Medicine at the University of Calgary. He practiced family, sport, and occupational medicine for ten years, which lead to an interest in interventional procedures for the treatment of chronic pain, and further training in Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), trigger point injection, Botox injection, and Prolotherapy. In 2004 he helped start the Advanced Spinal Care Centre in Calgary, a multidisciplinary clinic with manual therapists, interventional radiologists, and prolotherapists. Dr. Hooper has published several research papers and is a Clinical Assistant Professor.

After a much longer than expected sojourn to the frozen prairies, Dr. Hooper is happy to return to British Columbia with his wife and two teenage boys to enjoy outdoor activities, particularly swimming and surfing, and delicious Okanagan peaches!