Phil Burman, PT

Phil Burman received his Physiotherapy training in Auckland, New Zealand, graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy). During his time at university, Phil received a number of academic awards and research scholarships, including the award for the top academic graduate. Shortly after graduating, Phil moved to Penticton, and joined the Dale Charles Physiotherapy team in early 2009.

Phil's clinical work includes Orthopaedic and Sports Injury Rehabilitation, as well as Neurological Physiotherapy. He enjoys helping people recover from injury, trauma and pathology, with a focus on achieving functional goals. Phil believes that active rehabilitation often leads to better outcomes. He encourages clients to be active participants in their rehabilitation, using therapeutic exercise in combination with manual therapy, modalities and pain relief strategies. Phil enjoys the diagnostic process and problem-solving, and has developed a good working relationship with much of the local medical community.

Phil left New Zealand for British Columbia "for the mountains". Outside of the work environment, Phil is involved in the local skiing, cycling and sailing communities. He previously lived at Apex for 4 seasons, and has been a regular skier there for 8 seasons in the past decade. Phil also has a long history of mountain biking and road cycling, both competitively and recreationally, riding at National level for many years. He now skis & rides recreationally at every opportunity, when not spending time with his young family.