Prolotherapy - Dr. Allen Hooper, MD

Dr. Allen Hooper is an independent consultant and will provide assessment and treatment services at Sports Clinic. Referral from an MD or physiotherapist is required by faxing Sports Clinic at 250-487-1453.

What is prolotherapy?

Instability of spinal and peripheral joints is a source of pain for clients that fail to recover within expected tissue healing timelines. Prolotherapy is an injection technique aimed at proliferation of connective tissue to restore joint health and stability. It is part of a pain management plan that includes physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Conditions that respond well to Prolotherapy:

Generally we are looking for conditions that have a history of injury that would be consistent with a ligament sprain or tendon overuse. Typically chronic pain due to a ligament sprain will temporarily respond well to bracing or taping.

Injuries to the spinal disc such as herniation or degeneration are not good candidates. Similarly cartilage inside a joint, (meniscus, labral, TFCC) does not respond well. Nerve compression from disc herniation or stenosis (narrowing of spinal canal or foramen) will also not respond well.

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