Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation is an important part of recovery following a Central Nervous System disorder. For patients living with functional limitations related to nervous system damage, Physiotherapists work to restore safe and independent function. Treatment is frequently focused on improving key functional activities such as sitting, standing, mobility, and upper limb function, as well as higher level activities, following a stroke (CVA), spinal cord injury (SCI) or acquired brain injury (ABI). In the case of progressive pathologies, the goal is to maintain function and independence.

An understanding of the altered neurology following CNS disorder, combined with a detailed knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, allows Physiotherapists to effectively use therapeutic exercise, physical modalities and other personally tailored interventions in a safe environment.

Neurological rehabilitation is demanding in terms of time, support and funding. With the help of a multi-disciplinary team, it is common to see significant improvement in function, safety and independence for up to 2 years following a CVA, ABI or SCI.