Orthopedics and Manual Therapy

For joint or muscle problems, such as low back, knee, hip, neck or shoulder injuries, a orthopedic, manual therapist will help restore mobility, strength and comfort in the affected area.

Following surgery, such as a total knee or hip replacement, the therapist will educate the client about what to expect as the area heals. Therapy can include modalities such as ultrasound, laser, interferential and muscular stimulation. These modalities can decrease pain, inflammation and assist in muscle activation. The therapist will also use their hands to mobilize joints, massage muscles and assist with movement of an area. Active exercises are often prescribed to improve strength of the affected area and address imbalances that may have developed. Together with the client, goals of treatment are established and a program to reach those goals is developed. Following treatment, movement in the region should become full, efficient and safe.

Our therapy group pursues post-graduate courses and certification levels to provide expert skills in orthopedic manual therapy.